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Dress Code For Men And Women

Dress Code For Men And Women
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In most cases, men are not concerned with the way they dress if there isn't a woman they need to impress.

You can judge how long a man is married to his wife based solely on the clothes they wear to the farmers' market, fishing with friends, watching soccer game, and going to a wedding reception.

A man can put on his war torn and battered T-shirt to farmers' market walking next to his wife who has taken the time and trouble to put on a nice dress.

He can then wear the same t-shirt and pants to a wedding reception where most men wear exactly like he does, while the women dressed as if the world is a huge garment factory churning out nice clothes for everyone for free.

Like I've said, a man will start to take the trouble to dress well again if there is a women he is trying to impress. He'll start putting on nice shirt and dress pants, maybe even dress shoes. And cologne, and after shave and all the nice things in the world.

You see, that is why most women don't mind if her husband dresses the way he does. It simply means he doesn't have his eyes set on some women.

And the wife, as you could have guessed will start to be a super duper detective when the husband starts to wear nice shirt instead of battered T-shirt to farmers' market, or wedding reception.

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